Failing up: why some climb the ladder despite mediocrity

Failing up: why some climb the ladder despite mediocrity

Most of us know the frustrating feeling of watching someone ‘fail upward’: landing successively sweeter gigs even after professional mediocrity or missteps. It turns out, allowing employees to fail up […]

Why diverse teams perform better

In numerous studies, diverse teams are associated with business success. The evidence shows that these are not mere correlations, but also various experiments have proven the direct effect of diversity […]

Performance and Empowering yourself

Contrary to common belief, how well you do your job has very little to do with how successful you are in your professional career. According to Harvey Coleman in his […]

Why diversity programmes fail

The powerful article by Harvard Business Review on Why Diversity Programs Fail has a few surprising findings. It shows how organisations have been trying to reduce bias with the same […]

Diversity in the work place is lacking at the top: Here’s why

In management positions across large companies, diversity in the workplace can be very difficult to achieve. BCG in partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) conducted a study that looked […]

Soft skills for business success

Formal qualifications and technical skills are only part of the requirements for modern employees, as ‘soft skills’ and personal attributes are just as important to success. In fact, 92 percent […]

Mentorship: Creating a work place culture

A research piece published by the global advisory firm, Heidrick & Struggles entitled “Creating A Culture of Mentorship” presented its data on mentorship. More than 1,000 professionals shared their experience with mentoring. […]

Why your D&I strategy needs to be more diverse

Although diversity has clearly moved up the UK business agenda in recent years, nearly half of the respondents in a BCG study said that in the past three years, their […]

Diversity and Inclusion wins: Why inclusion matters

In 2020, international management consultancy, McKinsey & Company published a report entitled – Diversity wins: How inclusion matters. The report revealed that the business case for diversity and inclusion is stronger than […]