Performance and Empowering yourself

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December 1, 2021

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Contrary to common belief, how well you do your job has very little to do with how successful you are in your professional career. According to Harvey Coleman in his book Empowering yourself, the organisational game revealed performance counts for 10% of your success, image 30% and exposure an eye-popping 60%!

Study highlights
Briefly stated, Coleman asserts that career success is based on the 3 key elements of Performance, Image and Exposure (a.k.a. PIE):

  1. Performance: this is about the day-to-day work you’re tasked with and the quality of the results you deliver.
  2. Image: this is what other people think of you. Your personal brand. Do you maintain a positive attitude? Do you lead with solutions to issues, or are you the person that solely offers roadblocks when others suggest changes or alternatives?
  3. Exposure: Who knows about you and what you do? Does your boss know what you do? Does their boss know you and what you do? Do others inside and outside your organisation know anything about you?

You can find the book hier . For more insights and research, head over to our blog!

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