Why are we so confused about racism?

Why are we so confused about racism?

I don’t particularly like talking about racism. It hardly ever leads to a desired outcome. A strong word like racism triggers so many emotions. It opens up scars of people […]

Communicating with Purpose – the Power of Conviction

Conviction has always been incredibly important to me throughout my career. It takes you to another level. Whether it’s being able to speak with conviction myself or see it in […]

Building Credibility and Trust at the workplace

When I think about credibility, I think about trust as the two go hand-in-hand and it’s something that I’ve always held in high regard in my personal and professional life. […]

There can be Only One – the Power of Authenticity

Authenticity can be defined as your actions, behaviors being in line with your value system, instead of being influenced by society and conforming to norms to the extent that you […]

That’s Okay, and Here’s Why – the Power of Perseverance

The startup you were interviewing with was just bought out by a larger corporation and the job listing has been removed. You wasted 2 months of your life, and invested […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall— the Power of Reflection

Let me tell you a story…many years ago, I was one of the final candidates for a job I really wanted. The interviewer asked me, “tell me about your most […]

Right and wrong in the race discussion

Talking about race in the workplace is often a slippery slope. Especially in Europe, where we are taught from an early age that “we are not supposed to see colour”, […]

BCG Diversity Driver: building a virtual mentoring scheme

With COVID a continuing reality and people locked into their homes across Europe, Roots Inspire brings a practical solution to companies that want to invest in their ethnically diverse future […]

Diverse Talent: Meeting your future self

My dad promised me he would join me for each university introduction day. Together we set foot that day, for the first time at the Eindhoven University of Technology. There […]

The odds of wasted talent

Born in Suriname to a Curacaoan mother and an Indian-Surinamese father. I moved to the Netherlands at a young age, where I was raised by a single mom on a […]