Black History Month 2023: Celebrating sisterhood among Black Women

Black History Month 2023: Celebrating sisterhood among Black Women

In an interview, Pamela Wright and Remi Iyun delve into their transformative journey with Roots Inspire’s Leadership Programme, emphasising the strength and solidarity of sisterhood among Black women. They shed […]

Black History Month 2023: The Power of Sisterhood Among Black Women

In an interview, Akima Paul Lambert and Charissa Veldman shared their wisdom for ambitious black women navigating the corporate landscape. They emphasised that it’s time to shape a new narrative […]

Black History Month 2023: The role of Allyship in supporting Black Female Leadership

An insightful conversation with our Co-founders, Sergio Panday and Melvin Spalburg, who share their perspectives on Black women’s empowerment and emphasises the importance of allyship. Their discussion serves as a […]

Why are we so confused about racism?

I don’t particularly like talking about racism. It hardly ever leads to a desired outcome. A strong word like racism triggers so many emotions. It opens up scars of people […]

Step into the Light

Aartie is known for building diverse yet strong teams and is well aware that women and people of colour are a vast minority in her industry; especially at the very […]

The Journey Never Ends

Born to Surinamese parents, Julien had quite the culturally diverse upbringing in the city of Amsterdam. His friends came from different walks of life, which impacted him in ways that […]

The Price of Success

Born and raised on Curaçao, Ference moved to the Netherlands at the age of 18 to pursue a degree in Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He started out […]

Owning Your Narrative

A very open and honest conversation with Curaçao born, Netherlands raised – global citizen Sue Stephens, who currently resides in Singapore. As Facebook’s Country Lead for Business Growth in Malaysia, […]

The Line is Never Straight

Born in Hong Kong, Robert moved to England when he was only 4 years old. He had a challenging childhood growing up in a small English town as an ethnic […]

Forging your own Path

Known for being empathic, versatile and a problem solver, Dessi wears several hats at IHS Markit across the Legal function and serves as the Global Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion […]