The Muddy Middle S2E5: Rob Anarfi

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March 18, 2024

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Rob Anarfi on Having No Regrets, Navigating Corporate Politics & Making Your Mark in the Workplace.

In today’s episode, we welcome Rob Anarfi, Chief Risk Officer at the specialist insurer, Beazley and one of our long-standing mentors at Roots Inspire. Rob has a very decorated background in the area of diversity and inclusion within the insurance space, being the Co-Chair of RATL (Race Action Through Leadership) and an executive sponsor for Beazley RACE, the group’s network focussed on race and ethnicity equity. Tune into the episode to find out more about Rob’s journey from music into insurance, why giving back is so important to him and his advice for professionals currently navigating their muddy middle. Listen to the episode from Spotify below:

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