Guillano Demon

Guillano Demon

First studying and later working across Europe & North America as an Afro-Surinamese born and raised professional has been a great experience so far. But it came with many challenges. Specifically, in the professional environment I constantly had to strike a balance between maintaining my identity and conforming to “the ideal standard”, which can be […]

Diana Lam

From a young age I have been exposed to different cultures and customs. When I moved from Hong Kong to the Netherlands as a child, a sense of belonging had never been so important to me. It has taught me what having a different starting position in life, religion and/or skin colour actually means. I […]

Zia Tahseen

It has been an interesting journey working across geographies and cultures (Pakistan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, China, South America, Middle East, Singapore). Often, I came across unexpected prejudices and had to use cultural competency to turn these challenges into opportunities. With a South Asian background, I realized how much is still unknown to the world about […]

Yvonne Rosina

To me, success is not measured by a position someone holds in a corporate organisation or the high profile deals someone has worked on. To me, success is knowing who you are and daring to be yourself! Throughout my career as a lawyer, I have worked at high profile firms, started my own firm, sold […]