The Muddy Middle S2E7: Erlene Graanoogst

The Muddy Middle S2E7: Erlene Graanoogst

Today, we welcome Erlene Graanoogst, a Business Transformation and Change Consultant and leadership mentor at Roots Inspire. With over 14 years of experience as a COO and Head of Operations, Erlene has worked across numerous global financial hubs, including Amsterdam and New York and now lives in Sydney. Join our discussion as we learn more […]

Diverse Leaders in Financial Services: Our Solution to Diverse Talent Attraction & Retention in Financial Services

In an era where diversity is not just a buzzword but a proven element of corporate success, the urgent need to address and foster ethnic diversity within leadership roles has never been more apparent. Recognising this imperative, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative leadership programme, Diverse Leaders in Financial Services, aimed […]

The Muddy Middle S2E6: Frank Galestien

In today’s episode, we welcome Frank Galestien, Global Category & Marketing Lead at Unilever and long-term leadership mentor at Roots Inspire. As an advocate for LGBTQIA rights and involved in numerous impactful causes such as running his non-profit to support children, tune in and learn more about Frank’s career journey and how his heritage influenced […]

Community & Connection: How Sisterhood Supports Personal & Professional Development

As an organisation that aims to build ethnically diverse leadership pipelines within businesses, we want to continue to celebrate and recognise the hard work others are doing to build and grow diverse communities. With Black History Month in the UK recently passing, this year’s theme was ‘Saluting our Sisters’, a fitting topic that speaks to […]

Expectation vs Reality: Why it’s not enough to “Look the Part”

It’s 2023, and almost all businesses want to look like they are doing the right thing regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. With numerous articles, studies, conferences and keynotes about how diverse businesses improve productivity, creativity and profitability – why wouldn’t a company want to be invested in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?  There’s a big difference […]

Roots Inspire Raises Funding!

We are proud to announce the completion of our funding round to expand our services across the UK and continental Europe — Roots Inspire helps organisations realise their diversity goals by providing talent management solutions. These solutions are delivered through an online platform and focus on attracting, retaining and advancing ethnically diverse leadership talent. Among […]