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Our mission

Roots Inspire is an ethnically diverse leadership development platform aimed to inspire corporate talent.


Our mission is to maximise the potential of ethnic talent and increase ethnic diversity in senior corporate positions.


We facilitate today’s role models to help create tomorrow’s role models that our society needs!

How it works

Corporate partners sign up

Our corporate partners pay for access to our leadership development platform and offer our programme to their high potential ethnic talent.

Key benefits

  • Show your commitment
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Build your leadership bench

Participants select a mentor

Programme participants search for a mentor through our web portal and use intro sessions before committing to a chosen mentor for a fixed term mentoring programme.

Key benefits

  • Build your network
  • Get inspired
  • Enhance your skills

Mentoring fee goes to charity

Our mentors are industry leaders coming from underrepresented ethnic groups themselves. They allocate their mentoring fee to a charity of their choice.

Key benefits

  • Share your experience
  • Learn from your mentees
  • Support your charity

Our portal in action

Our portal is where the magic happens: a safe environment where ethnic talent prepares themselves for future leadership.

Watch this 2-minute video to see what you can expect on our portal.



Sergio Panday

Banking Executive

I was born in Suriname to a Curacaoan mother and an Indian-Surinamese father. I moved to the Netherlands at a young age and was raised by a single mom on a secretary salary. The odds were not in favor of a successful 17 year long international banking career.

It took me years to learn how to navigate a predominantly white corporate world and even more years to learn how to merge the two completely different worlds I was operating in. Once I found that balance, my connection with the corporate world improved and I found that having a different cultural background that offers fresh perspectives actually started to work in my favor.

I want to help ethnic minority talent speed up the process I went through, so they can maximise their potential in their careers and in society. I co-founded this platform with that single mission and my dream is that this platform will start to make waves of positive change to our society as a whole.

Melvin Spalburg

Supply Chain Leader

I was born in the Netherlands to parents who migrated from Suriname and spent my life in and between the Surinamese and Dutch cultures.

Growing up, there was the Caribbean, Surinamese warmth and laughter of my family around me. But I also took perspective of the Dutch directness in a professional environment. A career spanning more than 12 years in various Supply Chain leadership roles has led me from Amsterdam to London to Singapore and Bangkok. I am passionate about sharing my experiences from living and working in different countries, with young professionals of colour.

Personally, I know how important it is to those with an ethnic diverse background to have at least one foot in each culture, to stay true to yourself and to be able to establish meaningful relations on both ends. This skill helps, if well-used, any professional to adapt & excel, while keeping close to one’s core values. There are many more like us, willing to share and inspire. Let Roots Inspire help you find them.