Our why

The corporate world is stuck in a vicious cycle where ethnic
leadership talent is underutilised.

  • Difficult to attract: ethnic talent often shies away from companies that lack ethnic diversity
  • Difficult to retain: lack of senior ethnic representation can trigger the perception of a glass ceiling
  • Difficult to advance: ethnic talent is often overlooked due to similarity bias in current leadership

Breaking this vicious cycle requires a
uniquely different approach.

Our unique approach

Ethnic role models

Our mentors are corporate leaders with impressive track records coming from ethnic backgrounds themselves.

Unwritten rules

Through tailored workshops and mentoring circles we guide ethnic talent on the unwritten rules of corporate life.

Career sponsorships

We guide senior leadership in building successful sponsoring relationships with our programme participants.

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Our impact

> €40,000 Raised for Charity

> 100 Mentors Active

> 500 Sessions Completed


Farah WeannaraUnilever“Having a mentor is really great for your career development, but having a mentor who understands where you’re coming from,…, that’s priceless.”

Joseph PitkinCBRE“This programme is an essential part of your actual development. It’s something you do if you really want to progress and get the best out of yourself.”

Merve KaramanABN AMRO

“Please join! There’s lots of amazing people here and there’s a lot of impact that you can make by talking to those people.”

Rachid AmriuiAlliander

“Roots Inspire isn’t a roadmap to success for dummies, nor is it a programme towards becoming a CEO. I rather think of it as a school with a two-way mirror between you and your mentor.”

Programme Impact Summary

To measure the impact of our programmes, leadership talent fills out a start and end survey that focuses on empowerment across four pillars: Career Trajectory, Self-Awareness, Tools & Guidance and Emotional Support.