Ons programma bestaat uit:
  • null Eén-op-één mentoring
  • null Drie workshops:
    (i) Branding Yourself
    (ii) Making Meaningful Connections
    (iii) Crafting your Career
  • null Een jaar toegang tot netwerkevenementen, groepsdiscussies en online materialen.
In ons programma kiezen leiders in spé hun eigen mentor en hebben ze zelf de controle over hun persoonlijke ontwikkeling:
  • null Bekijk onze selectie van meer dan 75 mentoren
  • null Kies twee mentoren voor een introductie
  • null Selecteer een mentor voor het programma met 6 sessies
  • null Neem deel aan onze workshops en netwerkevenementen
  • null Word deel van onze alumni community
Ons programma is het meest geschikt voor talent dat:

– een UK/Europese bedrijfsomgeving navigeert
– aspiraties heeft om tot de senior lagen door te breken
– idealiter 5-15 jaar werkervaring hebben

Programma filosofie

Je eigen balans vinden

Bij Roots Inspire passen we een inclusieve aanpak toe. Ons doel is om talent te helpen een balans te vinden in het omarmen van je eigen culturele identiteit terwijl je excellereert in de organisatie waar je deel van uitmaakt. We erkennen dat aanpassingsvermogen binnen een bedrijfscultuur een belangrijke vaardigheid is, echter kan dit nooit ten koste gaan van je normen en waarden en culturele identiteit.


Bij Roots Inspire bieden we bi-cultureel talent de rolmodellen die tot de top van het bedrijfsleven behoren en tegelijkertijd een sterke binding hebben met hun culturele roots. Elk individu moet hierin zijn/haar eigen weg vinden – er is geen goed of fout – maar volledig jezelf durven zijn zal talent helpen hun leiderschapscarrière zelfverzekerd tegemoet te gaan.

Kwaliteti van onze mentoren

Het programma is volledig gericht op de verdere ontwikkeling van soft skills. Onze mentoren zijn geselecteerd op basis van hun sociale vaardigheden en beoordelingsvermogen. Verder volgen de mentoren een onboarding training voordat ze actief worden op het platform. De focus tijdens de mentorsessies is het inspireren van opkomend talent middels het delen van persoonlijke ervaringen en inzichten in hoe een mentor zelf obstakels heeft overwonnen.


Guillano Demon

Associate Partner, Ernst & Young Switzerland

First studying and later working across Europe & North America as an Afro-Surinamese born and raised professional has been a great experience so far. But it came with many challenges. Specifically, in the professional environment I constantly had to strike a balance between maintaining my identity and conforming to “the ideal standard”, which can be key for career progress.

Although D&I is more prominent on corporate agendas, I see huge value in exchanging views with others who successfully navigate through this maze of professional and interpersonal complexity. Through this mentoring platform I can provide my contribution to real D&I progress.

Diana Lam

Head of Operations APAC, ABN AMRO Bank

From a young age I have been exposed to different cultures and customs. When I moved from Hong Kong to the Netherlands as a child, a sense of belonging had never been so important to me. It has taught me what having a different starting position in life, religion and/or skin colour actually means. I still see this experience as my greatest gift in life. As an adult, a working mum in a senior position and having worked in many countries (Netherlands, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore), my past allows me to focus on the strengths in different cultures.

I’m very happy that Roots Inspire approached me to be a mentor. I believe that my experiences can be of great contribution in coaching others facing (cultural) challenges in different countries, organisations and positions.

Zia Tahseen

Senior Vice President, GLP

It has been an interesting journey working across geographies and cultures (Pakistan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, China, South America, Middle East, Singapore). Often, I came across unexpected prejudices and had to use cultural competency to turn these challenges into opportunities. With a South Asian background, I realized how much is still unknown to the world about different cultures and how education plays a fundamental role in addressing these critical issues.

It is great to see that organizations like Roots Inspire are setting up real and relevant D&I tools for corporations. This will not only help corporations and mentees but also societies at large. We need to keep communicating and sharing experiences and I am looking forward to be a part of this journey.

Yvonne Rosina

Partner, Rockwater Legal

To me, success is not measured by a position someone holds in a corporate organisation or the high profile deals someone has worked on. To me, success is knowing who you are and daring to be yourself!

Throughout my career as a lawyer, I have worked at high profile firms, started my own firm, sold my firm and joined a boutique firm. It’s been quite a journey to find my true self and make the choices that feel right to me. I am a strong believer in real personal development. Not just to land the next big job, but to truly be able to navigate the challenges of the corporate world, without losing yourself. Everyone has their personal story and I would love to support and guide mentees to create their own. My anthem is “This is my life” by Shirley Bassey, which is about being yourself and living your life…