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Mentoring philosophy

Finding a balance

At Roots Inspire we foster an inclusive approach. Our goal is to help talent find a balance between embracing their own cultural identity while thriving in the organisation they are in. We recognise that being able to adapt to a corporate culture (or any specific situation) is an important strength, however, this can never be at the expense of one’s inner values and cultural identity.

Providing role models

At Roots Inspire we provide ethnic talent with role models who have been able to balance their cultural identity with making vast developments in their careers. Each individual will need to find their personal balance on how to do this – there is no right or wrong – but finding that balance will help talent to be more confident throughout their career paths.

Quality of mentors

The mentoring programme is entirely focused on further developing soft skills. Our mentors are selected on the basis of their sound judgement and people skills and follow an onboarding training before they can become active on our platform. The focus during our mentoring sessions is to inspire upcoming talent by sharing personal stories and give insights into how a mentor has overcome certain obstacles during his / her career.