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The importance of sponsors

The Importance of Sponsors
When: 26 May 2021 – 12.30 CET / 11.30 BST

Panel discussion (25 min) / Networking event (20 min)

Hear from our mentors

Eva Sogbanmu

Comms Executive at JLL

Julien Linger

Partner at PwC

Nora Boukadid

Director at Deloitte

A promotion, a new role or an expansion in responsibilities, these are things that are decided for you when you are not in the room. A sponsor is someone senior in your company that advocates for you with other decision makers and helps get you to that next step in your career behind the scenes. Sponsors are crucial for career progression, especially at the senior layers where there is more than one decision maker that decides your faith. But how do you get sponsors? And what can you do to nurture those relationships?

In our panel discussion, three of our Roots Inspire mentors discuss what sponsorship has meant for their careers, how those relationships came about and what they did to develop those relationships.

The panel discussion will be followed by a virtual networking event, where you can meet our mentors, our mentees and the Roots Inspire team.


Roots Inspire is a digital mentoring platform with 50+ mentors that are leaders in their industry and come from underrepresented ethnic groups themselves. Our aim is to accelerate ethnically diverse talent into senior positions and thereby change the corporate landscape.

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Join this webinar to:
  • Get introduced to the Roots Inspire platform
  • Hear the personal experiences and tips & tricks from three of our mentors
  • Network with our mentors our mentees and the Roots Inspire team


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