Are you an aspiring leader that carries your roots with pride?

Building your career as an ethnic professional can be a lonely journey sometimes. At Roots Inspire, we support your development to maximise your potential and accelerate your leadership journey.

Register for our corporate leadership programme

  • Access an influential network
  • Prepare yourself for leadership
  • Demonstrate your ambition


Join ethnic professionals from leading employer brands on our leadership programme

Access an influential network

  • Gain access to over 75 ethnic corporate leaders who serve as mentors
  • Connect with like-minded peers across industries and regions
  • Become part of our empowering alumni community of ethnic leaders

Prepare yourself for leadership

  • Learn from the career journeys of those that preceded you
  • Unravel the dynamics between soft skills, exposure and visibility
  • Systematically sharpen your leadership skills

Demonstrate your ambition

  • Create your blueprint for career advancement
  • Broaden your experience and accelerate your professional development
  • Leading employer brands have adopted our programme for their top ethnic talent

Receive mentorship from corporate leaders

Sue Stephens

Facebook, Country Lead

“I fundamentally believe talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not.”

Ference Lamp

Merrill Lynch, Managing Director

“From my mentees, I expect commitment, curiosity and eagerness. You can expect me to show you, success is possible.”

Niraan De Silva

VNLIFE, Executive Board Member

“Gaining a deeper understanding of the person across the table is an essential soft skill for leadership.”

Yemi Tepe

Morrison & Foerster LLP, Partner

“I hope my immense sense of pride in my origins will motivate my mentees and prove that no hurdles are insurmountable”

Sumitra Moeller

ABN AMRO, Managing Director

“One of the key tools of career advancement is cultivating the courage to be genuine.”

Robert Wong

Honeywell, Director of Sales

“I hope to provide my mentees with the confidence and inspiration to chart their own successful course.”

How it works

Our programme includes:

  • One-on-one leadership mentoring

  • Three workshops:
    (i) Branding Yourself
    (ii) Making Meaningful Connections
    (iii) Crafting your Career

  • One year access to networking events, peer group discussions and online content

In our programme, aspiring leaders select their mentor and take charge of their development:

  • Browse through our list of more than 75 mentors

  • Choose two mentors for an introduction

  • Select one mentor for the 6-session programme

  • Join our workshops and networking events

  • Become part of our alumni community

Our programme is best suited for talent who:

– are navigating a UK/European corporate environment
– aspire to break through to the senior corporate layers
– ideally have 5-15 years of working experience